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BarrierTech Products

Extremely effective

By using very low concentration of each active ingredient and by mixing them in a specific sequence, the result is a very powerful disinfectant not classified toxic or corrosive. The combination of multiple active ingredients and the molecular structure of BarrierTech disinfection products prohibits build-up of resistance to the disinfectant.

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The technology behind

The technology behind BarrierTech antibacterial products: The BarrierTech disinfection products are formulated with carefully selected active ingredients that are registered and approved.

The active ingredients are working individually and synergistically together, boosting the biocidal effect. If a bacteria has resistance against one of the active ingredients, it would still be killed by one of the other active ingredients, or by one of the combinations.

BarrierTech disinfection products comply with EN1276, EN1650 and EN1500.


• Superb antimicrobial impact
• Convenient handling
• Not corrosive
• Reduce environmental footprint
• Range of applications

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• Effective antimicrobial protection
• Safe in use
• No alcohol
• Active and preventive
• Convenient
• Human healthcare and well being

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