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BarrierTechâ„¢ Surface Disinfectant

  • Does not damage any type of material or surface.
  • EN1276, EN1650, EN13624, EN13697, EN13727, EN14348, EN14476.
  • Effective against resistant and pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  • Effective against mold, algea and fungi.
  • Up to Log 5 reduction (99.999% kill rate) of most bacteria and inactivates viruses.
  • Alcohol-free and non-flammable. pH neutral.
  • Requires no special storage and has long shelf life.
  • An innovative blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and water.

BarrierTechâ„¢ Surface Disinfectant

For disinfecting surfaces with residual effect. Surfaces of wood, cement, glass, metal, plastics, laminate, tiles, etc. Suitable for bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens, basements, SPA, swimming-pool areas, offices, schools, hotels, cinemas, etc.

The product is suitable for use in all kinds of public areas as well private homes. Basically anywhere there is a need to fight against and prevent pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus, mould, or algae.

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Techno Wipes

Antibacterial wipes for electronic equipment.

The wipes clean and disinfect a broad spectrum of microbes (including Clostridium Difficile and MRSA) from your mobile phone, PDA, keyboard, touchscreen, remote control, and other technical equipment.

TechnoWipes - single pack

Note: Some electronic equipment can be very sensitive to moisture. Check the user manual from the supplier. The disinfectant liquid is non-corrosive to surfaces, does not leave stains or blotches, and will not cause color to fade.

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  • Produced and distributed by:
    Fiber ProTector Norge AS
    Grini Næringspark 1
    NO-1361 Østerås, Norway
    Ph: +47 23231555

  • Use biocides justifiable. Always read the label and product information before usage.