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What does “European Standards” mean, and what is your documentation?

“European Standards” means that the product has been tested and approved at accredited laboratories according to certain norms for disinfectants against bacteria and viruses.

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What do you mean by “documented effect” against Covid-19?

Test results from accredited laboratories:

BarrierTech Disinfectant results on EN 14476:

Corona Virus Log >5 (99,999%)
Noro Virus Log >4 (99,99%)
Vaccinia Virus Log >4 (99,99%)

What do “Log 3 reduction (99,9%)” and “Log 5 reduction (99,999%)” mean?

BarrierTech disinfectant products provide up to Log 5 reduction (99,999% kill rate) on most known bacteria and viruses.

A Log 5 reduction (99,999%) means that only 10 microorganisms out of 1 million survive.

A log 3 reduction (99,9%) means that 1000 microorganisms out of 1 million survive.

Achieving EN14476 requires a minimum Log 4.

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Is there a way to see the effect of BarrierTech™ disinfectants?

Bacterial activity can be measured with an ATP meter.

The testing will show the results on a coffee machine (touch point to select flavour).

An RLU reading under 30 shows when it is safe for food production.

Left - RLU 379 before.
Right - RLU 8 after treated with BarrierTech surface disinfectant.

RLU under 30 is when it is safe for food production.

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Does BarrierTech™ harm any surfaces?

BarrierTech does not damage the material of any surfaces. We have a Boeing D6 certification and Woolsafe.org documentation.

The picture shows the harm alcohol-based disinfectants can have on a metal surface.

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Does BarrierTech™ hand disinfectant harm your skin or present the risk of dry hands?

Hand disinfectant is gentle on the skin, prevents risk of eczema and dry hands. The BarrierTech hand disinfectant is dispensed in a pleasant foam and does not harm your hands, as alcohol-based products can.

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